Situational Awareness For Survival And Everyday Life


Various hazards are encountered by us on a daily basis whether we acknowledge them fully or not. Some hazards are more obvious than others. Identifying hazards sadly comes more naturally to some than others. Situational awareness should be covered extensively in your survival planning. Practicing good situational awareness can help in both disastrous survival and everyday life situations.

Evil lurking among us is the reality of the world we live in. Think of it as a battle field in which we must arm ourselves with this concept to prevent failing prey to wolves. Various job duties, training and experience such as those with a military or law enforcement background can relate well to the importance of situational awareness. Intentions of this article will also help those who already practice good awareness techniques by raising senses to a new level.

Preppers, survivalist and those of us who choose to take the sheepdog role in society we all have an obligation to refuse to be a victim. Fundamentally refusing to being a victim is to not allow ourselves to be soft targets, taking precautionary measures, identifying threats, and hazard recognition. Hazards can never be completely eliminated but our individual abilities to pay attention to details helps us in creating a mitigation plan. Situational Awareness should be a mindset that everyone embraces.

  • Hazardous Environments. – Bad neighborhoods, going to the local convenience store we all know always has the crackheads out and about. Can you avoid this place completely? Is there certain times of the day in which your less likely to encounter such people? There are a ton of examples of hazardous environments such as large crowds, dark alleys, or being stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

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